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Shopping Cart Comparison
by Samantha C. Raymond


My two choices are:

1- Comersus in the first place, since it has a high overall score, a convenient license that allows use, modification and redistribution for free, and it is very complete.

I also like the unique features of this cart, the regionalization scheme and the complete BackOffice.
This is the only case in which you can use the software for free and obtain support for free.

One con: almost all Open Source projects like Comersus and Linux may release a lot of versions in a short period of time, some of them without enough previous testing, which could lead to inconveniences for store owners who want to have the latest features. My advice is: do not upgrade until the new versions are considered to be stable.

2- Q-Shop is my second choice for a small store.

It has a low score but it seems reliable. If you don't need advanced features and you have some money to spend, this may be the solution.

The con is that you will remain hostage to this company since there are no third-party providers of support and modifications.

You also have to be careful since you cannot get a free demo to download, so the code style could be confusing and the system may not run in your server. You will have to make a blind decision if you plan to use this cart.

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